SX3: Bornica was the third season of Survivor X. This season for the first time pit 20 castaways together, each from either Borneo or Africa.

This season's twists were initally broken down into 4 tribes picked by the 4 strongest members. After a dissolution broke up the Boran Tribe, the other three tribes were sent to a triple TC and then shocked when they were reshuffled into two new tribes.

The most notable feature to this season was the Block Vote, which was instituted at the merge. Each player was selected one member of the cast that they could not vote for until the final 4. This was huge because it resulted in a late game turn around when the Samburu alliance used it to get Gervase voted out of the game.

In the end, Ethan Zohn/CorytheSpoilerSlayer was crowned the winner in a 5-2 vote against Joel Klug/Rebnik222 as most of the jury felt he was the mastermind behind the success of the Samburu alliance.

Returning for SX6 was Ethan, Jessie, Joel and Teresa. The four were in the game the longest before being split up, as Ethan was eventually idoled out at the final 12 were he became the first juror. Joel and Teresa fell quickly after the merge leaving Jessie in the final 5 without any allies. Jessie would place 5th again.


Contestant Original Tribes Three Tribes Two Tribes Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Kelly Wiglesworth
Abbylicious x0x

1st Voted Out

Rudy Bosech
Tagi 2nd Voted Out
Gretchen Cordy
Pagong 3rd Voted Out
Kim Johnson
Pagong Quit
Richard Hatch
Samburu Samburu 4th Voted Out
Kelly Goldsmith
Boran Tagi 5th Voted Out
Lex van den Berghe
Tagi Tagi Moto Maji 6th Voted Out
Greg Buis
extra tasty
Pagong Pagong Rattana 7th Voted Out
Silas Gaither
Boran Pagong Rattana 8th Voted Out ?
Kim Powers
Pagong Pagong Moto Maji 9th Voted Out ?
Brandon Quinton
Samburu Samburu Rattana Juca 10th Voted Out ?
Gervase Peterson
Tagi Tagi Rattana Juca 11th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Colleen Haskell
Pagong Pagong Moto Maji Juca 12th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Jenna Lewis
Tagi Tagi Rattana Juca 13th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Ramona Gray
danny stultz
Tagi Tagi Moto Maji Juca 14th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Jessie Camacho
Samburu Samburu Rattana Juca 15th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Tom Buchanan
Boran Samburu Moto Maji Juca 16th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Teresa Cooper
Samburu Samburu Rattana Juca 16th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Joel Klug
Boran Tagi Rattana Juca Runner-Up
Ethan Zohn
Samburu Samburu Moto Maji Juca Sole Survivor

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