The X SeriesEdit

Welcome to the official Wiki of X Series ORGs. The series was born & still continues to be hosted at Fantasy Games Central on yuku although as of December 2013 the series has partnered with sister site Reality TV Games to provide the first ever cross-board series in the history of both boards.The X Series consists mainly of 4 games: Survivor X, Big Brother X, The List (an original game), and Final Destination (another original game). As of May 2017, there have been 20 seasons of SX, 6 seasons of BBX, 10 seasons of The List, and 1 season of Final Destination hosted. Also, the X Series adopted the American Idol All Stars series after the original host was unable to meet hosting responsibilities, which saw two full seasons through to completion.


Below are the games separated by type based on the info collected through the ezhack and Yuku crossover. Please note not all pages have been completed:


1. SX1: Panamazon - won by Kathy Vavrick-O'brien/Jacare15
2. SX2: Australiatu - won by Lisa Keiffer/SandCreekColonie
3. SX3: Bornica - won by Ethan Zohn/Cory the Spoiler Slayer
4. SX4: Guatequesas - won by Jamie Newton/Electric Autumn
5. SX5: Thailau Island - won by Jeff Wilson/lups272
6. SX6: All Stars - won by Robb Zbacnik/wellmabk
7. SX7: Samoanesia - won by Liz Kim/retro cord
8. SX8: Fijook Isles - won by Parvati Shallow/JVJrule
9. SX9: Tocantina - won by Aaron Reisberger/WAT426
10. SXX: Gabonica - won by Tijuana Bradley/Ashley Neleh
11. SX11: South Pacifaragua - won by Brenda Lowe/tyidol23
12. SX12: Redemption World - won by Phillip Sheppard/locolicious
13. SX13: Zombie Island - won by Corinne Kaplan/littleblackspotonthesuntoday
14. SX14: Blood vs Water - won by Aras Baskauskas/UblazRob
15. SX15: Philippines - won by Sarah Dawson/Druid78
16. SX16: Panem - won by Carter Williams/eagle2ch
17. SX17: Caramoan - won by Laura Alexander/RunicOne25
18. SX18: San Juan Del Sur - won by Joaquin Souberbielle/Iron Muffin
19. SX19: Cambodia - won by G.C. Brown/Brann
20. SXXX: Heroes vs Villains - won by Phillip Sheppard/locolicious


1. Big Brother X - won by Holly King/americanidolfan4life
2. Big Brother X2 - won by Ivette Corredero/wellmabk
3. BBX: Reloaded - won by Laura Crosby/AbrcrmbiNfitchGi
4. BBX: Reloaded 2.0 - won by Neil Garcia/Mincermeat
5. BBXR3.0: Beyond Borders - won by Peter Brown/RiddleMeThis
6. BBXR4.0: All or Nothing - won by Nick Paquette/Rikku
7. BBXR5.0: Lost in Space - Currently in Production


1. The List 1: The Amazon - won by Dave Johnson/Survivor Immunity
2. The List 2: Pearl Islands - won by Christa Hastie/lanternzb54
3. The List 3: Thailand - won by Jan Hentry/Jhyste
4. The List 4: Vanuatu - won by Rory Freeman/chilibmom
5. The List 5: Palau - won by James Miller/StrawberryMonroe
6. The List 6: Guatemala - won by Brooke Struck/AisleyneForever
7. The List 7: Marquesas - won by Vecepia Towery/mamakimz thong
8. The List 8: Tocantins - won by Brendan Synnott/locolicious
9. The List 9: Exile Island - won by Shane Powers/superkyle
10. The List 10: Micronesia - won by Kathy Sleckman/CatLurvesDorothy


1. Final Destination - won by Kimberly Corman/CupidStunt


There have been two seasons of AIAS hosted on FGC. As it is not an official X game, it's results do not count towards the Series Standings:

1. American Idol All Stars - won by Chris Daughtry/chillfact0r7
2. American Idol All Stars 2 - won by Kelly Clarkson/Jacare15

The Top TenEdit

Below are the top ten grossing X contestants from over the years and prize money estimations:

01. locolicious $3,232,500 Winner - SX12: Redemption World, List 8: Tocantins & SXXX: Heroes vs Villains

02. jxxxxxblaze $2,104,000 Winner - List 3: Thailand & List 7: Marquesas

03. littleblackspotonthesuntoday $2,006,300 Winner - SX13: Zombie Island & BBX: Reloaded 2.0

04. wellmabk $1,563,500 Winner - SX: All Stars & Big Brother X2
05. UblazRob $1,309,500 Winner - SX14: Blood vs Water
06. retro cord $1,286,000 Winner - SX7: Samoanesia
07. Ashley Neleh $1,227,500 Winner - SXX: Gabonica
08. AisleyneForever $1,226,000 Winner - List 6: Guatemala
09. Jacare15 $1,193,000 Winner - SX1: Panamazon
10. Brann $1,142,100 Winner - SX19: Cambodia